Hull Repair

Damage to the hull is repairable. Here is one method how.





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What new?

We just returned from a great Chicago Boat Show and New England Boat Show in Boston.

On the way back from the show we stopped in at Paragon Products the pick up the first US production run of CR-914 Black  trees.




As more and more boats crowd the line and the weather gets colder, it becomes more and more likely that you will receive damage from another boat on Starboard (I mean Port). The following shots are of the repair work to damage done at a mark rounding to Young America, a boat I built for the Annapolis Yacht Club last winter . High winds, Leeward mark, "no overlap you are clear astern", Opps !!- Boat almost sinks and I almost take a swim!

1 -Damage came to a 1" hole.
2 - Replace any pieces you can find and glue them in place with CA.
3 - Reinforce the inside of the hull using a
Fiberglass or Carbon fiber patch.
Make the patch at least 1.5" larger then the hole.
Drip CA on the patch until fully wetted out.
Let set up overnight.
4 - Fill any outside depression and sand smooth.
Prime and repaint the hull.
Th_Mermaid6.jpg (10222 bytes)
All better and back on display