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CR-914 Jib Slot Setup





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What new?

We just returned from a great Chicago Boat Show and New England Boat Show in Boston.

On the way back from the show we stopped in at Paragon Products the pick up the first US production run of CR-914 Black  trees.



Jib Slot Setup


Here is a good view of the jib slot on my boat. This setting is good for winds between 5-10knots of breeze, above that I tighten my diamonds and backstay to increase headstay tension, and depending on the wave state I might trim in the Jib in about 1/4". If the wind goes light I will ease the jib out about 1/4".

As a rule of thumb with the boat laying on its side I trim the Main just off centerline and set the Jib boom as shown (in line to the last chainplate hole). Be careful not to over trim the jib and choke off the slot (gap between the Main and Jib).

Remember this is my setting and suits my sailing style.


Some people like to sail high (close to the wind, shorter course but a bit slower) and other people like to sail fat (off of the wind and go for more speed). I find that I like to set my boat up a bit above the middle, this way by adjusting the trim tab on my transmitter I can shift to point mode to pinch above another boat.

Mark your base setting and then try out different settings to find out what you are most comfortable with.

If all else fails you can always put the boat back to your base settings.