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1/25 (36") Scale America's Cup high performance model sailboat

EC12 Meter

5ft Replica of the 1962 Americas Cup 12 Meter

Star 45

45" Scale Model of the Olympic Star Boat

J Class Boat-Shamrock V

1/16 (8'-10')Scale Replica of the 1930's America's Cup Class Yacht

RMG Sail Winches

High Performance sail control winches

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Scott Rowland's 4 time National Champion #727 Chuck Luscomb the 2008 Nationals Champion


If you are reading this, you may be among the many skippers considering the Star 45 for their next boat.  You’re not alone but there are some things you should ask yourself before choosing which Star you would like to sail. Do I buy a glass boat or do I build a wood boat.  Hopefully what we will share next will help you on your way.


Glass VS Wood 

  Benefits of a wood boat…

You build it, which is nice and if you actually have the time and are able to complete the build, you have something to be proud of.  CPM has seen some very beautiful boats.

The out of pocket cost of a wood boat is quite inexpensive and you can buy components as you need them.

  Not so good benefits of a wood boat… 

There really are no two wood boats that are exactly alike.  Some of these differences are simply cosmetic while others effect performance and speed.  Your skill as a builder and how you set up your boat can often effect your results on the race course.  Since there are few that are identical, you never really know what to change or adjust to make the boat go faster when it is not.

  Resale value…

Lets say you missed a key build feature in your first boat that unless it is fixed, will keep you finishing in the middle of the fleet.  You decide to put your boat up for sale and build another.  Since you are now trying to sell your boat to the home built market, you should not expect to get much money for your boat regardless if it is complete and ready to sail.  

  Benefits of a Glass boat…

If you want the building experience, CPM can provide you with a kit from hull deck rudder and keel to a complete kit with rig, sails and radio.  You don’t have to hunt down suppliers as the kit comes as complete as you want.  When you have a question about how to tackle a certain part of the build, you are not posting questions to a forum where people don’t know your boat.  CPM knows exactly how to build it so if you have a problem simply call us or e-mail us your question and we will get right back to you. 


If you are like most of our customers, brimming with enthusiasm for racing but short on time to build your own boat, then you may elect to purchase a ready to sail Star.  You would do so knowing that your new Star is race ready and has the right combination of balance and speed to win regattas.  You might consider this big talk so we would rather let our track record speak for us.  CPM/Skidoo hulls have been in the winners circle 6 out of the last 10 National Championships.  That is no easy feat and  it demonstrates that CPM is committed and able to deliver a Championship boat each and ever time.  The winning lies with you and your thumbs. 



CPM boats have a history of holding their value even in a down economy. Mostly because people are short on time trying to make ends meet and don’t have the time to build a wood boat.


We hope that what we have shared here will help you choose which type boat you would like to build/sail.  Both glass and wood have very strong arguments that favor each.  Which ever you choose, we hope you do choose and join us for what is one of the best classes in the AMYA.  See you on the pond.


CPM Staff


Now available from CPM in Short Kit form and Fully Built is the One Design STAR 45.
Recently featured in the AMYA quarterly Issues #113 and #143.


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CPM purchased the Star 45 tooling from Ski-Doo Ind. in '07 and has started manufacturing the boats at our Shop in Stevensville MD. The record for hulls from this tooling is one of the best in the country with Scott Rowland of Dayton, OH winning the '99, '01,'03 and '04 National Championships.

David Ramos won the Nationals in 2007 and the 2008 National Champion Chuck Luscomb
all won with a CPM boat in there first star regatta.



  • Dimensions: 45" length by 11" beam

  • Hull: Fiberglass

  • Deck foam cored fiberglass

  • Height: Mast 70"; Total height 86"

  • Sail area: 1000 sq. ins.

  • Weight: 13 lbs.

  • Draft: 12 1/2"


Build queue Deposit Policy

To be placed into the CPM Build Queue a min deposit of $100 is required. Due to the custom nature of building fiberglass hulls and components this deposit is NON refundable.

Below is an example of a Fully built Star45 and details of its construction.

Hull - CPM/Skiddo - The same hull and fins that new 2007 National Champion David Ramos and four time National Champion Scott Rowland use.
Sails - Rigged with Nationals winning Windjammin sails.

Electronics: Internal RMG Smartwinch, Hitec jib trim and rudder servo.
This is a through deck keel. Keel bolts remove easily from the deck, Pekabe fittings throughout with a Goldspar mast, CPM goose-neck fittings. Custom booms. Aft hatch with a removable servo board.

Short Kit for the Star 45 - $475.00
Hull/Deck/Keel fin/Rudder and Lead bulb
Shipping is additional

Fully built Stars are built and assembled by CPM's Dave Ramos.
Complete boat with Spectrum radio: $2700.00
Shipping is additional

Star 45 Components such as hulls and decks, etc are available separately.



Build queue Deposit Policy

To be placed into the CPM Build Queue a min deposit of $100 is required. Due to the custom nature of building fiberglass hulls and components this deposit is NON refundable.



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