Boats offered by Chesapeake Performance Models

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1/25 (36") Scale America's Cup high performance model sailboat

EC12 Meter

5ft Replica of the 1962 Americas Cup 12 Meter

Star 45

45" Scale Model of the Olympic Star Boat

J Class Boat-Shamrock V

1/16 (8'-10')Scale Replica of the 1930's America's Cup Class Yacht

RMG Sail Winches

High Performance sail control winches











J Class


Star 45




The CR-914 is a strict one design AMYA sanctioned 1:25 scale (36") model based on the Americas Cup class yacht.

One of the hottest classes in the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA)

The kit comes with everything you need to build your boat.
All you need are some simple tools, sandpaper, paint and batteries.

Excellent sailing performance in a wide wind range. With quick acceleration and turning
this boat will thrill and excite the expert as well as the novice.

Easy to Build, Fun to Sail. No Better way to get Started in RC Sailing.




East Coast 12 Meter


 Chesapeake Performance Models is a Certified manufacture of EC12 meter hulls.

The EC12 is a one-design radio controlled yacht 59 inches in length, a rig standing 72 inches above the deck with about 1200 square inches of sail area and weighing around 24 pounds.

The EC12 Meter class is a very active class that holds over 20 two-day sailing events nationally, over an 11-month schedule. Local clubs also offer additional weekly and monthly club events.


IOM - International One Meter Class


    CPM is now building out and cominishing IOM's for our customers as well as Building Rigs and carring a new line of hardware (Varient Marine) made especially for the IOM


J Class - Shamrock V


The J Class models are 1/16th scale hulls of the J Class yachts that sailed for the America´s Cup from 1930 through 1937 as well as the yachts that were converted to the J Class and competed with the America´s Cup yachts in club regattas. The models are the largest recognized class in the AMYA with hull lengths ranging from about 7 feet in length to 8 1/2 feet in length and weighing between 65 and 115pounds. The models carry from about 3,000 to 4,000 square inches of sail on masts that are 8 to 9.5 feet above the deck. The difference in sizes of the models is driven by the different sizes of the full size yachts.

There were ten yachts built to the J specifications between 1930 and 1937, six in America and four in Britain to compete for the America´s Cup. Another eight existing large yachts sailing at the time were converted to J specifications for use as trial horses and as competitors in local yacht club regattas.

CPM is now producing the Shamrock V - Original Plug and mold by Dave Brawner.


Star 45



The Star 45 is a 45" scale model of the Olympic Class yacht. Chesapeake Performance Models purchased the Star 45 tooling from Ski-Doo Ind. and now manufactures the boats at our shop in Stevensville MD. The Star 45 national championship record from this tooling is one of the best in the country with Scott Rowland of Dayton OH winning in '99, '01, '03, and '04. David Ramos of CPM won the '07 nationals and Chuck Luscomb from Deep River won the '08 Nationals with a Chesapeake Performance Models built Star 45's.

Santa Barbara S/B

The Santa Bartbara is a 72" model origionaly from the west coast and now sailing all over the country. CPM Is not wproducing the S/B Hulls, Decks, Rudders and Keels to any level of completion.