Radio Board Modification

This is a modification to the radio board that makes removal easier





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What new?

We just returned from a great Chicago Boat Show and New England Boat Show in Boston.

On the way back from the show we stopped in at Paragon Products the pick up the first US production run of CR-914 Black  trees.



Radio Board


After building and repairing a number of these boats I came up with an idea to modify the radio board to allow it to be removed after the boat is built.

Mark the centerline of the forward support and screw the board to the board. Unscrew the board and cut notches to the screw holes.

Line the board up again and reinsert the screws into the support. Don't tighten the screws too much, as you just want a snug fit.





Now after the board and supports have been installed, by removing the aft screws you can remove the radio board.