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New and Used Boats for sale


The following are New and Used fully built boats that are available for sale now.



For Sale: CR 914 - Sail # 1194
Asking $250 or OBO.
Prefer not to ship - will deliver in NYC area. Will consider breaking apart & ship to buyer (buyer to pay cost of packing & UPS shipping).
Contact me at

I assembled it from the kit in 2004. Lightly races at Larchmont YC for one season and last used in 2008.
Dark blue hull with appendages (rudder and keel). Original sails with red/green tell tales on jib.
Futaba 4YF Skysport FM 4 Channel radio with Futaba S3801 high torque sail winch servo, 2 receiver batteries, 3 extra servos (S3004) and extra crystal.
Has a bit of rust on the top of the rudder post. Clew of the jib needs a touch of CA to reattach it to the boom.
Due to age of receiver batteries and lack of use might need replacement. Have a full box of spare parts that you're welcome to.

Bow bumber. Replaced shrouds with Stren super braid 65 lb test (.41mm) fishing line tied/knotted to chain plates.
Cut tips of spreads to form a notch for shrouds. Removed cleats from the base of the mast.
Rubber grommets for sail adjustments on the booms.






I'm sorry but I do not have any NEW Fully built CR-914, EC12 Meter, Star 45 and J boats ready for sale at this time.
These boats are normally available on a custom order bases only.



If you would like a CR-914 , EC12 Meter, Santa Barbara, Star 45 or J Boat
built to your specifications please
contact Dave at CPM.



If you are interested in selling your used CR-914 please let me know.
I have a large number of customers interested in used boats .

Send me a photo of your boat I will post it on this page with your contact information.

Call me or send me an E-mail