Rig Set up Details

CR-914 Rigging Details





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What new?

We just returned from a great Chicago Boat Show and New England Boat Show in Boston.

On the way back from the show we stopped in at Paragon Products the pick up the first US production run of CR-914 Black  trees.



Broken Boom Slide Repair


The Boom slides that come with the kit have a tendency to break.
You have the option to replace them with "String rings" or repairing the ring.
What I have done here is to show you one solution to the repair.


Cut a grove around the outside of the slide using an Exacto knife Take a 8" length of the Spectra line and wrap it 2 or 3 times around the slide inside the grove you cut. Tighten the line and tie a square knot. Apply CA to the line and knot. Cut off the ends of the line.


I have used this to repair a number of broken slides and have also used this technique to strengthen and reinforce the forward Jib Deck Eye.